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Nose plastic surgery is a common type of cosmetic surgery procedure performed especially in the younger age group. It is also referred with names such as 'Nose job' or 'rhinoplasty'. Nose is considered as the most prominent part of our body because it is always visible. Nose together with lips and chin resembles the attractiveness of an individual. A perfect face is that which has beautiful nose in harmony with facial features. Nose is internally divided into three parts namely:
  • Upper fixed root
  • Middle dorsum or bridge
  • Lower moveable lobule or the tip region
The advancement in the medical has made it possible to change all the above mentioned regions of the nose through surgery. Therefore, nose of any kind, weather that is too big, very broad, with hump or prominent bridge, very long, drooping, broad, rounded or heavy tip, short, depressed or crooked, wide and flaring can be made pleasing through surgery.
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