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Dear Dr. Ayyappan:
Thank you for your help in my time of need.
Being trained in math and Engineering, I find the odds simply staggering my fate was placed in your capable hands a couple short hours after my injury in a place so far removed from the world that I am familiar with. God surely smiled on me. When I surveyed the damage to my face in the mirror and applied the first dressing I knew that I would need someone with your level of skill to put me back together. I remember thinking that the chances of finding someone with those skills soon enough to save the flesh was less than unlikely. I have never been so happy to be wrong.
The actions that you and the rest of the Apollo Hospital Staff took in my care were logical, Precise, timely and compassionate. All things that cannot always be depended on organization left me thoroughly impressed.
Please ensure that everyone in your hospital knows how grateful I am to you and to them.
Thank You
Dr. Ayyapppan,
"Dr Ayyappan Thangavel"
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